This project provides a way to distribute a [Puzzlescript](https://www.puzzlescript.net/) game as a standalone application.

Download PuzzlescriptWrapper for Windows
Puzzlescript-Wrapper project on GitHub

Puzzlescript Wrapper game menu Puzzlescript Wrapper game


- Most of puzzlescript games should be playable.
- The game progression is saved locally
- Sfx emulation is not finished yet
- realtime games can be slow


- By default PuzzlescriptWrapper run the game locates in ./data/games/game
- You can add your games in ./data/games/ and launch it in command line: puzzlescriptWrapper FileName
- Game progression data are saved in ./data/localStorage
- Use TAB key to show/hide framerate counter during the game

- The sound does not work very well yet but you can turn it on by setting sfx to 'ON' in config.xml.

Performance Note

I'm using Duktape as the javascript engine to keep it simple and compact. Since Duktape is a non-JIT javascript engine, it is slower than Google v8 or Mozilla SpiderMonkey. So, if you are running a realtime Puzzlescript game with many rules, you will probably encounter some framerate issues.

Possible solutions

- Rewrite part of puzzlescript engine in C++. It's probably a bad idea because processInput() function in puzzlescript/engine.js seems to be basically the whole engine.
- Switching to spidermonkey or v8
- Waiting for Duktape to implement the JIT feature