Puy0Training Logo RAsh is a puzzle-platformer game that combine lemmings like automatic walking and an RPG-like inventory. Your goal is to make Ash, a treasure hunter, bring as many treasure as he can carry to the end of the level without dying.

You can try the demo or buy the game at
RAsh sur itch.io


Ojamas Puyos Combo Done Combo Ready
Ojamas Puyos Combo Done Combo Ready

Ash is an impetuous treasure hunter. He put himself into action and collect all item he found... at great personal risk! It's up to you to manage his inventory and equipment in order to make him reach safely the end of the level.

The game is played mostly by mouse. It's a puzzle-platformer where the Hero il moving automatically according to the situation and his equipment. Each item have different effect that you have to discover by yourself.

The final score of a level depends on the number of treasure you carry. Ash is collecting them until the inventory is full. So be carefull to make some space to collect important items.

RAsh sur itch.io

Making of the Game

RAsh was primarily made for Mini Ludum Dare 70 game Jam.
Here is the original entry for the Jam

At the end of the contest, I decided to keep working on the project to enter the october challenge

Having a good music is an important part of the gaming experience. What would be Fez without its mesmerising soundtrack? Or Super Meat Boy without its original musics? But, as expected, my attempt to do it by myself was kind of a disaster. So I searched for a game music composer. It turns out that Sixten Machado was searching for a project to work on. His work was impressive, so I contacted him and he accepted to join the project.

RAsh musics playlist

Then, I worked on the different graphical themes, new levels and features.

We eventually published RAsh on itch.io on 31th november 2016