Takuzu Logo Here is a small Takuzu game. You can spend few hours solving its 60 levels and attempting to beat your time. You can add marks to differenciate sure and unsure values.

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Takuzu preview


- 60 levels
- 3 difficulty levels
- Local best time leaderboard
- Two type of mark to put on the values in order to manage your sure/unsure values
- Choose your language in config.xml.

Command List

- Left click : change a value ("empty", "0" or "1")
- Right click : change mark
- Shift+Left click : change value and put a blue mark
- Ctrl+Left Click : change value and put a red mark
- Space: Remove all marks
- Shift+Space : Remove all the blue marks
- Ctrl+Space : Remove all the red marks
- Del: Remove all marked values
- Shift+Del : Remove all values marked in blue
- Ctrl+Del: Remove all values marked in red